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For over 144 years Vrnjacka Banja has been attracting people with the beneficial effects of its mineral waters accompanied by its scenic beauty. Its vast gardens created by famous gardeners of the time over a century ago are unique in Serbia.

Vrnjacka Banja has 7 mineral springs, 4 of which are applied in balneological treatments,  namely: Topla voda (Hot water), mineral spring located at the central core area; Sneznik, located within the zone around the Vrnjacka river; Slatina – within the zone of the Lipovacka river; Jezero – the spring located in the park at the half way point from Sneznik to Slatina.


  • Vrnjacka Banja is the tourist place of the first degree
  • Vrnjacka Banja is municipal economic, political and cultural center;
  • 15 settlements covering the area of 240 square kilometers;
  • 27.500 people living on the territory of the municipality.

10+1 Reasons to invest in Vrnjacka Banja

  1. Good infrastructure connections;
  2. Ideal strategic locations for tourism development (highway through Vrnjacka Banja 2016., civil airport Morava 40 km from Vrnjačka Banja);
  3. Availability of unique natural resources (mineral waters, mountains, Morava ponds) and possibility of using it;
  4. Availability of more than 10 hectares of construction land for „Greenfield investments“;
  5. Special incentives for foreign investors (So, for the objects that are from the special significance for municipality, the municipality has the right to relief the payment for development of construction land up to 100% );
  6. Educated labour;
  7. Efficient local government;
  8. Developed education and scientific institutions;
  9. Famous culture and entertainment manifestations that attract hundreds of thousands of visitors;
  10. Friendly people and very good atmosphere for entertainment and relaxation;
  1.  The most famous — Vrnjacka Banja trademark, strongly rooted in the mind of its visitors for almost 150 years.


It is situated in the central part of the Republic of Serbia, about 200km south of Belgrade;

Vrnjacka Banja partly settles the mild slopes of Mauntain Goc (1.147m) towards the Zapadna Morava River, and partly the gentle valleys of the Vrnjacka and Lipovacka river;

Mt Goc makes a part of a huge forest-mountain complex of Mount Kopaonik (2.017), Mt Zeljin (1.785m), Mt Jastrebac (1.492m) and the Stolovi (1.375m).

Vrnjacka Banja has distinctive characteristics of the moderate/ continental climate, slightly altered by local conditions with summers being moderately warm, and winters being moderately cold.  The average annual temperature is 10,3 C⁰, in winter it is -0,8 C⁰, in summer 20 C⁰.


  • Highway (Corridor X — E-80): Indirect access via E-761 — 56 km away
  • Main roads: E-75
  • Railroad: Stalac-Kraljevo-Pozega
  • Airports: Airport in Kraljevo  40km, Airport in Nis 105km, Airport in Belgrade 212km


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