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Title of the action: The inventory of the public property and establishing of the property managing system for the Municipality of Vrnjačka Banja
Lot / Prirority:

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Location(s) of the action: — specify country(ies), region(s) that will benefit from the action Republic of Serbia, Central and West Serbia , Raska distric and Zlatibor  district
Total duration of the action (months): 12 months
EU financing requested (amount) <EUR / currency of the Contracting Authority >

180.000 EUR

EU financing requested as a percentage of  total budget of the Action (indicative) 88,5 %
Objectives of the action <Overall objective(s)>

Contribution to the economic developement and strenghtening of competitiveness through the improvement of property management in the muincipality of Vrnjačka Banja <Specific objective(s)>

Creating of the management mode through advancing municipality capacities, creating of the unique data base and registering of the public property in the municipality’s name.

Target group(s)[1] Representatives of the local authorities – members of the municipal council, and vicepresidents of the municipality.

Managers of the municipality departments.

Public enterprises.

Special services in the municipality.

Employees in the public enterprises and institutions whose founder is municipality.

Partner city Užice

Civil sector

Final beneficiaries[2]             Residents of the Municipality of Vrnjačka Banja

Private enterpreneurs who use municipality’s property

Potential investors

Civil sector organisations

Estimated results 1.     Established inventory work group and group for managing municipality’s property

2.     Built skilled capacities

3.     Registered public property on municipality’s territory

4.     Purchased software and formed digital data base

5.     Municipality’s property registered in the unique register of estates in the state property

6.     Created plan of usage of the real estates

7.     Promoted project activities


Main activities 1.1. Establishing of the organizational structure for the property management.

2.1. Organization of trainings for the employees and managers of local autonomy in the area of property management

3.1. Doing the inventory and analysis of data on real estates which are subject of transmition to the public property of the local autonomy

4.1. Purchasing software and forming of the data base for municipality’s property

5.1.  Filling the NEP forms and declaration of property to the unique register of the estates in the state property

6.1. Creating of the plan of usage of the real estates owned by Vrnjačka Banja

7.1. Promotion of the project activities

[1]     “Target groups” are the groups/entities who will be directly benefit from the action at the action purpose level.

[2]     “Final beneficiaries” are those who will benefit from the action in the long term at the level of the society or sector at large.